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Children's Orthodontic Consult

Little Pearls Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics and The American Association of Orthodontists recommend children have an orthodontic exam by age seven. One of the many benefits in choosing Little Pearls Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics as your orthodontist is Dr. Patel works extremely close with her pediatric dentists. If you are already a patient of our offices, this means your child will likely already be comfortable with our team.


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Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

By starting treatment early, we are able to recognize potential problems early and correct them before they develop into more serious issues. Early diagnosis and treatment can guide the jaw and erupting teeth into favorable positions. In your child’s initial orthodontic exam, Dr. Patel will address any dental issues she currently sees or areas that will be potential issues down the road. Overall, early treatment can simplify later treatment and often save you time and money. If early treatment is indicated, our team will lay out a personalized treatment plan that Dr. Patel will cover diligently with you.

Additional Benefits

  • Create facial symmetry

  • Reduce risk of possible tooth extractions

  • Reduce risk of trauma to protruding teeth

  • Reduction in orthodontic treatment time later on

What if My Child Isn't a Candidate for Orthodontic Treatment at This Time?

There are many cases where Dr. Patel may see no issues at all or potential issues that are best left to treat in the tween or teen years. Certain types of orthodontic treatment are more efficiently taken care of once all permanent teeth have erupted. Each child is different and Dr. Patel approaches each child’s orthodontic work on an individual basis. If we see future orthodontic work is likely, Dr. Patel will work closely with the parents and their pediatric dentist to monitor the child’s developing teeth.

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