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Your First Dental Visit

What You Should Know & Expect

What age to begin seeing a dentist

The first dental visit is a great way to begin building a long-lasting, trusting relationship with your new dentist. We will sit down with you and your child and begin by having an open conversation with you about what your questions, concerns and goals are for your little ones oral health. We will discuss prevention, fluoride, home care, teething, nutrition and what to expect in your child’s developing mouth.


We also want to make dental visits enjoyable, fun and a learning experience for them. Our pediatric dentists will show them around the office and introduce dentistry in an extremely fun and gentle way.


Once we’ve discussed what to expect, we will perform an oral exam, take x-rays if necessary, check for tooth decay and inspect developing teeth. If we believe we need to address any issues we will discuss this with you at this time.

What to expect

Little Pearls Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics pediatric dentists along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend children be seen by their first birthday. In the event there is an issue before this, of course call our closest location to you and schedule an appointment. Also, if your child is well past one years old, don’t be embarrassed! The most important thing is getting them in for their exam as dental issues can begin to take place quickly.


If you are seeking a pediatric dentist in Bothell or Seattle and would like to learn more about our services at Little Pearls Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics please give us a call.

How to prepare for your child's first visit

We understand the dental office or anything new for that matter can bring anxiety. If parents have anxiety around dental offices themselves, it’s important to not show this to your children. They can easily pick up on this and end up with a lifetime of dental anxiety as well. Prior to the visit use positive, stress free language about the dental office. Speak to how it will be kid-friendly and try to build excitement! Let them know they’ll leave with a sparkling smile!

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